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Merchants - OneWattSolar

OneWattSolar runs on a private, permissioned blockchain through a network of distributed computing nodes globally. Some of these nodes control, manage and validate actual electricity flows on the power grid. Others simply verify and monitor marketplace rules and activity. More detail about the mechanisms for achieving network consensus will be released on the update section of our website.

CHIOMA, our blockchain platform accounts for the data within the energy system that makes it possible for marketplace behaviours to be securely transacted, such as buying or selling, and setting and reacting to prices. The OWT is staked to access the marketplace, where available data and transaction behaviour can be verified into blocks and, where necessary, linked to actual control of assets and settlement of energy transactions.

Scalability is enabled by the underlying system architecture, which relies on “clustering” of nodes. These nodes are efficiently arranged—and rearranged, as 3rd parties like consumers, prosumers, and developers become part of the system and drive network growth —to match real-world utility service territories, fundamentals of real-world grid infrastructure, and the evolving needs of our partners and market participants. Such clustering allows multiple marketplaces to be established and grow in parallel while the overall system collectively benefits from the analytics and shared data on consumer behaviour, device performance and system needs.

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Merchants - Climate Credit Network

Climate Credit Network (CCN) is an advocacy movement responsible for the training, support and activates network of professionals who are on a mission to promote, educate and distribute commendable and innovative renewable energy Solar & Biofuel solutions to the residential markets across Africa.

Inspired by the "United Nations Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement at making easier access to renewable energy cheap and free for developing nations through the Clean Development Mechanism" and it begins with YOU. Carbon Credit is the generic term for any Tradable Certificate or Permit representing the right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide or the mass of another greenhouse gas with a carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) equivalent to one tonne of carbon dioxide.

The goal of the network is to help every member of this organisation own a renewable energy portfolio, become energy independence, help you reduce your electricity bills and promote a green economy while offsetting the amount of carbon you generate and eventually make handsome royalty income sharing the low carbon and innovative technology products.

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Merchants - The Partners Club

Executive Summary.

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Merchants - Green Energy Biofuels

GEB offers a high quality cookstove combined with a biofuel that is locally produced using sawdust as the primary feedstock/input. Leverages a network of local entrepreneurs to distribute products the consumers; providing cooking fuel as cheaper, safer, cleaner alternative for millions of low-income and middle class households in Africa.

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GreenBank Brokers Program

You can take advantage if the the Green Coin brokerage and exchange program and start to generate revenue on your account with our simple all-one integrated ecosystem of merchants, investors, consumers and service providers.

The one-stop solution broker program can literarily transform your business or personal finance when you offer users liquidity on a cross-boarder value to buy, sell, deposit, and trade fiat or crypto assets seamlessly through the GreenBank Coin account.

GreenBankCoin & the SDGs

GreenBankCoin Loan

GreenBankCoin loan are structured asset backed lending product supported by merchants within the GreenBankCoin ecosystem. GreenBankLoan are interest free fixed term facility for members to access products and services without security or deposit.

The objective of this product is to deepen financial-inclusion, increase energy access and promote trade among participants of interest.

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