About GreenBank Coin

The GB Coin is world’s first consumer focused real-asset backed crypto payment solution with a wide range application, use cases and its cross-boarder operationalisation capability in fulfilling a billion transactions in just 60 seconds.

Already, GB Coin processes and fulfils 100 million unique transactions across its ubiquitous clean energy and consumer products blockChain ecosystem with a growing and expanding solutions underway in Healthcare, Insurance, Energy, Education, SmartCity, Payments, Electric Vehicle Charging stations, Agriculture, Security and Electricity.

The Game Changing Machine Learning and sets of algorithms of the Green Coin architecture will remove middle-men, lower transaction cost, increase transparency, unlock native finance by displace FX risks, provide data consistency and Help make deals happen fast.

The Green Bank pay (GC) offers opportunity for corporations, Government, private and commercial innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers and merchants that want to deliver innovative digital products, good and services to a cross-broader consumers without the limitation around payments and settlements.

We curate Green Coin to provide individual, private and Kids the opportunity to buy Green Bank Coin Tokens as store of value in digital Asset for medium or long term window; withdrawal services have been reserved exclusively for brokers and participants in our ecosystem are able to sell and buy when exchange or withdrawal is required for Fiat or Coin based currencies

We offer affiliate program for participants to earn premium bonus and commissions.

Across Africa and elsewhere, GreenCoin is fast becoming an underlying digital currency enabling seamless trade, lowering transaction, cost, increasing transparency and building trust among participants with unexecuted smart contract.

GreenBank Brokers Program

You can take advantage of the the Green Coin brokerage and exchange program and start to generate revenue on your account with our simple all-one integrated ecosystem of merchants, investors, consumers and service providers.

The one-stop solution broker program can literarily transform your business or personal finance when you offer users liquidity on a cross-boarder value to buy, sell, deposit, and trade fiat or crypto assets seamlessly through the GreenBank Coin account.

GreenBankCoin & the SDGs

GreenBankCoin Loan

GreenBankCoin loan are structured asset backed lending product supported by merchants within the GreenBankCoin ecosystem. GreenBankLoan are interest free fixed term facility for members to access products and services without security or deposit.

The objective of this product is to deepen financial-inclusion, increase energy access and promote trade among participants of interest.

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